Avoid Breaking the Bank during the Holidays!

The Holidays don’t sneak up on us. They don’t take us by surprise. They arrive faithfully at the same time every year. So, there should be no surprises or emergencies when it comes to your money and spending during the holidays. You should have already planned ahead for what you will budget for giving, and you should plan to stick to it so you don’t break the bank. If you had a setback or unexpected event during the year, that might mean you have to alter your holiday spending plan accordingly. Its a wonderful time of year, and it feels great to be able to give precious and thoughtful gifts to your loved ones. But if it means you fall off your money plan, you really should think before you spend. At the end of the day, your overall financial health should be top priority.

Remember this:

1. Plan your holiday spending budget well in advance and throughout the year
2. If there is a setback in your saving plan, you should modify your spending plan
3. Your credit cards and emergency savings funds are not intended to be used for holiday spending! Holiday’s are not emergencies.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!


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